Highlights from Rehearsal #3

Answers to Coincidence? Pattern….

patterns are things that we do, coincidences are things that happen to us.

it’s about the meaning we give coincidences

meaning = content+form+context+embodied(subjective experience)

practicality vs emotional intuitiveness –
reason is time based – about your future
emotional reality is also time based – but about your present

The world around us (and ourselves, since ‘there is no inside, there is no outside) is constantly sending us messages in so many ways. coincidences, reason, and emotional reality are just some forms of messages.

and now for something completely different:

“when fact and interpretation make love in a bed of sharpened possibility”

“hope is worn vintage here”

but we’ll find out soon how it is all related…

"coincidences are moments when the universe winks at us"

One Response to “Highlights from Rehearsal #3”

  1. Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to say I’ve been sorting thru the notes/pics/vids that Avi has been sending me and posting here and getting really excited about this whole thing now.

    Working on some things to send back that may make more sense of how my involvement could work. I also have a question; does your rehearsal space have access to the internets at all?

    more soon from me, and love


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