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Upcoming: Art in Motion 3 – This Body

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What’s hurting you?  What’s helping you?

On Tuesday, Insurgo met with Ceallaigh Pender to collaborate on her sculpture series ‘Indelible.’  We explored where a body of clay meets a body in motion. We’re asking questions about what it means to be indelible, fixed. And what do we experience as temporary or fleeting?

We’re finding nuanced and unprecedented parallels between the ‘Indelible’ project and some of the core practices and vision of Insurgo Stage Project. What do we mean by that? Come see for yourself at the next installment of ART IN MOTION: Friday and Saturday, October 14-15 @ 8pm at Downtown Live. $10 at the door. More info soon!

Photos from Art in Motion, April 2011

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See all photos from Art in Motion at Insurgo’s Flickr page.

Meet Our Video Artist

Posted in Art In Motion on February 16, 2011 by insurgostageproject

Here is the proposal Hestia wrote for her MFA program to detail her role in the project. She wanted to share it with us so we get a more concrete sense of where she’s coming from:

As digital life and liveness become more and more a part of our everyday a need emerges to trace its boundaries and limitations. We must understand new types of presence, adjust our conception of absence.  Social encounters and sites become the raw material for these works, collaboration in their making and interaction in their dissemination, connection and its grammar, presence and telepresence.

Exploring the relationship between continuity and change Hestia Peppe draws attention to new technologies: video, the web and mass communication and their earliest manifestations; storytelling, mark, ritual and fire. The present technological complexity we inhabit demands that we become fluent in our interactions with it in order to survive. How can ‘old’ relationships with technology inform our learning in the future? Can we become as intimately familiar with new technologies as those of the past?

For three weeks Hestia Peppe will be present in the role of Artist In Residence with Insurgo Stage Project during development of their group improvised work Art In Motion.  During the part of the development when she is not present she will continue to create work as part of the ongoing collaboration.  This offers the opportunity to consider collaborative methodologies utilising both presence and telepresence and the role of the technologies of telepresence (video calling, email, social media, digital filesharing) in a creative process of this type.

Hestia uses drawing as a medium for improvisation, much as dancers use dance. Hestia often uses drawing as a way of improvising that can be easily translated from the physical to the digital, in this way a bridge can be built between ‘real life’ as experienced by the one drawing and ‘digital life’ where marks are left and can be used.

The main technologies to be used, it is anticipated, will be video based.  This will provide material which will enhance the development of the work as a whole and extend the degree to which the development process can be represented within the final performances. Live experiments with video projection, screening and recording feedback loops and playing with recording from the dancer’s perspectives are just some of the potential methods and forms the group can explore together.  In keeping with Art In Motion’s DIY spirit, the hacker tradition will certainly be invoked!  Any members of the group who have working audio visual gadgetry they think might be of use are encouraged to bring them along, see what connections can be made.

Highlights from Rehearsal #3

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Answers to Coincidence? Pattern….

patterns are things that we do, coincidences are things that happen to us.

it’s about the meaning we give coincidences

meaning = content+form+context+embodied(subjective experience)

practicality vs emotional intuitiveness –
reason is time based – about your future
emotional reality is also time based – but about your present

The world around us (and ourselves, since ‘there is no inside, there is no outside) is constantly sending us messages in so many ways. coincidences, reason, and emotional reality are just some forms of messages.

and now for something completely different:

“when fact and interpretation make love in a bed of sharpened possibility”

“hope is worn vintage here”

but we’ll find out soon how it is all related…

"coincidences are moments when the universe winks at us"

From Rehearsal #2

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“There is sometimes a difference between what’s actually happened and your story you tell yourself of what happened.”

Which would you rather: Leave your “baggage” behind, or “Reconcile the past?”

If we aren’t covering up the toxic sludge with rose petals, then what are we doing?

Improv exercise question:

What’s stopping you?

Ensemble’s answers:

Fear of not living up to my potential. taking the first step. not enough money. lack of structure. anger and resentment. everything and nothing.

No need to reinvent the wheel

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Today is rehearsal #2 for the second installment of Art In Motion.  A blank page of “what do we create?” is yawning before me. These first rehearsals are full of promise, but also daunting. Where do we start from? Sure, the show will come from the cast, but how do I get them started? I’ve been puzzling over this all day.

Then, I remember I’ve had this feeling before (it starts with a feeling). In fact, this is always the feeling at the beginning. So no need to reinvent the wheel. Where have I gone from here, before?

Start off broad. Let them in on the big picture, have them ponder all the possibilities. Then, bring it back to the minimal, the mundane. Make it individual. Have them tell a story. A small one.

Auditions: Art In Motion – April 15th

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Insurgo Stage Project seeks dancers, musicians, poets and visual artists for the newest installment of Art In Motion – a collaborative multidisciplinary performance series in Jersey City. 

All ensemble members will be expected to contribute to the creative process and development of the show. Therefore, a collaborative spirit, team-player attitude, and commitment to rehearsals is very important. All ensemble members must be available the weekend of April 15th for performances.

Dancers should have strong technique in modern and experience with improvisation and partnering. Acting and choreographic experience a major plus. Dancers should come ready to move, and may elect to prepare a short (30 second) solo of their own creation, but this is entirely optional.

Poets should have performance experience and a talent for connecting with the audience. Poets should come to the audition with several writing samples, prepared to perform (doesn’t have to be memorized – we want to see what you think your best work is).

Musicians should be comfortable with improvisation, able to create on the spot, and posses stylistic flexibility and dynamics. Musicians should bring their instrument of choice to the audition.

Visual Artists should be able to focus their work on being interactive, relative, and communicative with the other mediums. Artists should also be willing to be performative about their art. Experience/willingness to create live work during a performance is a plus.

Auditions are January 19th @ 9pm – 11pm at the Grassroots Community Space, 54 Coles St, Jersey City, NJ.

Please bring resume (headshot if applicable) and come ready to create! The audition will be an open rehearsal with all artists, and will consist of various improvisational exercises and short assignments.
Please email to register for the audition.
Call Backs will be January 20th @ 9-11pm.

Art In Motion – 10/15/10

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