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Coincidence? Pattern.

Posted in Random Musings and Rants - I swear they tie in somehow on February 1, 2011 by insurgostageproject

Maybe they are the same thing, just that one comes from the universe and the other comes from you.

We all know what patterns are. We make them up, so our feet can find the familiar grooves of a path well worn. It’s just easier. Sometimes we get so comfortable with a certain route, it’s all we know for years. And other times, these patterns are fleeting, a detour enjoyed for a brief period. Maybe that detour helps us find a way out. Maybe it’s just a fleeting respite from routine.

Well, if that’s a pattern, then what’s a coincidence? (It’s not important if these things are truly related, by the way. I’m just enjoying considering them side by side, for now.)

A song starts a conversation, and from that, a friendship. Months later, that song shows up again over dinner, drawing hands across tables, and eyes peep out from behind the shadows of quiet longing.

Or maybe that’s not really a coincidence at all, but happenstance. But we all experience coincidences and know what they are when they happen. They are particular. They are stark. Brecht-like, a coincidence announces herself in the middle of the scene and the action stops short, just to watch her go by.

Hmm. Look at that. What a coincidence.

Maybe it’s only a coincidence if you notice it. Yes, that must be it….

So if they only exist if we recognize them, then what do we do now? What meaning do you take from a coincidence when it happens? Maybe this, and not deja vu, is really what  a glitch in the matrix is. An infiltration into your personal consciousness bubble. Proof that there is no space between you and the Universe.  If the following are true:

“There is no outside, there is no inside.”

“The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.”

then coincidences are merely your life pointing to itself. It’s you tapping your foot behind you impatiently, or waving frantically from the depths of a mob. Hey! Over here! Look!

Okay then, I’ll look. Magic. But then what?